Iron Edge

Art Direction, Brand Strategy, Branding, Packaging, Photography, Print, Product Design, Web Design

Iron Edge

Iron Edge

Iron Edge is Australia’s leading high performance equipment supplier. Born out of a desire to provide a better, more useful way of training athletes, Iron Edge has renowned for their innovative equipment and training principles.

Never seduced by fads or gimmicks, Iron Edge’s ‘No BS’ attitude is always forefront to all branding & products. This philosophy allowed Iron Edge to break away from the traditional fitness industry jargon and gain respect from Australia’s elite athletes and coaches. 


    •    Creative Direction
    •    Eccomerce store
    •    On-boarding email campaigns
    •    Customer-appreciation & re-engagement emails
    •    Social media strategy and planning
    •    Online content creation
    •    UX design
    •    Micro-sites
    •    Branded content (eBooks, video, white papers)

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